Letter: Illegal immigrants cause problems for our country


In response to Mr. David Coleman’s letter, Whidbey News-Times, Wednesday, July 18, 2018. Mr. Coleman seems to have missed the point of my letter previously published. I have no quarrel with immigrants that legally enter our country.

They have been a valuable asset to our country, became fine citizens and made it what it is today.

Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, want a shortcut into our country, bypassing all of the requirements immigrants have completed to become citizens.

Illegals do not bring with them any skills, English language ability or means of support, only their vote and needs. Once they are allowed to cross, they become a taxpayer financial burden for everything.

Illegal immigration cost the taxpayers $113 billion in 2017. California alone spent $30.3 billion.

These people do not become citizens so we have Third World people living freely in our country, answerable to no one, protected by sanctuary cities and those full of feelings and compassion that disregard our laws thinking they are helping their poor, needy fellow man/women/children.

They place a massive burden on our social services, police, prisons, education, health care, government and taxpayers.

Mr. Coleman states tens of millions of Americans live in, or near, poverty. Think how much better the money spent on supporting the illegals, that add to our poverty levels, could have been better spent on American citizens needing assistance, including insurance. It is imperative we not allow illegals to cross our borders.

They should be required to remain in Mexico until their case is decided. Once across they have succeeded in their goal. They will be turned loose, ignore any set case hearing date and free to roam our country at will and free from anyone questioning their immigration status thanks to ridiculous laws.

No other country allows people to enter illegally and treats them better than ordinary citizens. Try entering Mexico or any other country the same way the illegals enter our country and see what happens.

A country without borders and enforcement of them isn’t a country.

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor

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