Letter: Growler jets are flying off of their flight patterns


I fully support our military and their mission to keep America safe, but as I read the Saturday April 6 Whidbey News-Times article about the Growler noise, several roared over our house vibrating my eardrums.

They were far off the accepted flight pattern in this area. In fact, a couple have flown over as I type this letter. We live off West Beach Road north of Libbey. We are definitely supposed to be out of the flight paths. I have had to call the base several times the last few weeks to voice a complaint. The flights ease up for a couple of days and then start again.

In the News-Times article, base public affairs officer Mike Welding gives only excuses for the problem, no solutions. It’s time for local, state and federal government and the Navy to seriously address this issue and resolve it.

I cannot understand how the Navy justifies more flights and more noise over our once-tranquil island. Take the whole operation, or at least a great part of it, to one of the Naval flight bases that are remote from communities.

Or build a new one in the middle of the desert. Don’t continue to destroy one the most beautiful places in America. Is this too logical?

Bill Hamburg


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