Letter: Fire district has been and will be served well by Koorn


I urge all residents of Island County Fire Protection District No. 2 to vote for Marv Koorn as commissioner of North Whidbey Fire and Rescue. I believe the voters of the district have been well served by Koorn over the years. First, as a volunteer firefighter, then, as chief and, later, commissioner of the district. He has given 39 years of service to the district and understands how it works, what it needs and what direction to steer it in — better than just about anyone.

Koorn has been a driving force for the district, helping to mold it into the highly successful and dynamic emergency response entity it is today. His leadership has guided NWFR, among many other things, into acquiring an administration building, new fire station, a modern fleet of emergency vehicles and well-trained personnel, all while remaining out of debt.

This is virtually unheard of in government today.

Koorn’s opponent has only recently involved herself with NWFR. I don’t know what her motivation to be a commissioner of the district is but desire must also be partnered with knowledge.

I worked for NWFR for over 10 years and I know how complex the issues and laws governing it are.

This should not be considered a “learn as you go” training opportunity but a jump in, hands-on job managing a budget of $2.15 million, 60 personnel and issues that often are life and death. Marv Koorn has that knowledge and the proven commitment to run NWFR with intelligence, compassion and experience.

I will say it again, I believe North Whidbey Fire and Rescue has and will be well served by Marv Koorn.

Nancy Theune

Oak Harbor

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