Letter: Every life lost to domestic violence is one too many


It’s happened again in our community.

Every single life lost to domestic violence is one too many.

In Washington state last years there were 55 domestic violence-related fatalities. These numbers represent loved ones in our communities across our state. Our Whidbey community is shocked by the heart-rending loss of Natasha Blouin’s life at the hands of her ex-partner.

The senseless death of a beloved person can shatter people’s dreams, hopes and ambitions. For those bearing the loss, it can fundamentally change their lives forever. Natasha was steadfastly supported by her family and friends, yet this tragedy still happened.

While not every domestic violence fatality can be prevented, the support of friends and family can reduce the likelihood of a lethal outcome.

Most victims of domestic violence turn to friends and family first before they turn to agencies and law enforcement.

As friends, family members, employers and co-workers, I urge you to identify and believe those turning to you for help as victims and maximize the legal means to restrict abusers’ access to firearms.

It happened again in our community but we can lessen the likelihood of it happening by our response as individuals.

Cynde Robinson, executive director

Citizens Against Domestic & Sexual Abuse

Oak Harbor

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