Letter: Editorial more divisive than the use of nouns


In response to the editorial, “Attaching labels is divisive behavior we shouldn’t tolerate.”

Labels are nouns and by themselves are not necessarily divisive. However, the editorial comments of Keven Graves are divisive in his critique of Island County Commissioner Rick Hannold’s “misuse of labels.”

Mind you, Hannold has performed admirably, has a reliably good sense of what is or is not real. Fellow Commissioner Jill Johnson applauds his common sense brought to the table of disputes. He knows the island, its people and is quick to unfurl conflicts.

If the PC community of language control eliminates labels, suggested by Graves, then we will never have any acceptable nouns to discuss. Without topics we will all just ruminate.

It is bad enough we are confronted with an attack on pronouns in the gender confusion. Now nouns are at stake.

Editor Graves attacks the heart of Commissioner Hannold by equating his distinction between, “general affordable workforce housing” vice “subsidized housing.” This based on the scrambled late arrival of his reporter to a discussion who then marketed a non dispute, which was quickly embellished by Whidbey News-Times editor.

This then becomes massaged news designed to misinform the voters. It is not enough that Graves distorts Hannold’s reflection, but then limply suggests he cower behind a “weak moment” excuse in apology. I believe the editor needs a public apology for misrepresenting Commissioner Hannold position.

It is still not enough as the editor creates a parallel to President Donald Trump quoted “style of “debasement for false claims.” As if any claim is acceptable as long as sourced from any liberal. Graves goes a step further labeling Hannold as “bullying.” Is that not a mirror image of editor Graves bullied review?

This is classic projection, i.e., a distorted psychological pattern is which one’s own views are prescribed to others. Graves manufactured division that erodes civility and projected it to his target Hannold reflecting a distorted views of the editor.

To the reader, if this discussion is accurately reported, should always be skeptical accepting opinions that are tangentially distorted.

At today’s Old Goats meeting, Rick Hannold contrasted with Janet St. Claire as she reflected on her credentials proclaimed herself a “community organizer.” Have we not seen the results of that credential with eight years of a past president?

Edward Drum

Oak Harbor

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