Letter: Discourse over jet noise lacks civility, is dangerous


In response to the letter to the editor, “Idea for moving jet practices a good one” published on June 15, agreed.

And thank you to Robert Wilbur for reiterating the best plan put forward to date for ending the community discord that the Growler expansion plan has wrought.

Faced with middle finger salutes and screamed obscenities and threats while holding an anti-Growler sign, and wearing my daughter’s ball cap from serving on the USS Stennis, I realized two things.

The discourse lacks civility and feels dangerous and anti-protesters obviously think we’re anti-Navy versus the noisy Growlers and their use of OLF.

As law-abiding citizens, we’re simply asking the Navy to respect the Noise Control Act of 1972 and reconsider the use of JBLM for FCPL sessions; the key word being joint, not unlike Joint Base San Antonio-Lakeland in Texas mentioned on the very same page as Mr. Wilbur’s letter.

See the forest for the trees?

Patricia Dunn


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