Letter: Dems overplayed hand, awakened moral majority


The attempted character assassination by the Democrats of Judge Kavanaugh is just a symptom of the greater disease afflicting America. The overarching ailment which is destroying our nation’s body politic is socialism. Yes, a system of authoritarian rule which has failed every other time and place it has been tried is the sickness purposefully being spread by the airborne bug of collectivism and added to the brainwashing Kool Aid of our institutions and entertainment industry.

If you want to know how we got here and why we are headed into 1984, look no further than our education system, entertainment industry and the Democrat Party.

The social turmoil, the calls for mob rule and the rejection of due process is especially egregious in the indoctrination of our youth by alt-left “educators” in our colleges and universities.

Radical leftist professors have been leading our children into anti-American philosophies and socialist values for decades.

We are now obtaining the inevitable Animal Farm condition these socialist teachings invariably produce.

The drastic and sharp divisions in our politics, the breakdown in our cultural foundation, the rips in the moral fabric which once bound us, are all part of a power-play by the 1960s and 70s leftist-flower-power-socialists that have now become our college professors. The socialist dogma carried over from the far-left beliefs formulated during our rebellious yesteryears is now being taught in the centers of higher education by alt-left instructors.

Truth and opposing points of view are unwelcome on college campuses now.

This is carried out in the militancy and mob violence that characterizes the behavior of the American left today. Harassment, intimidation and terrorism of anyone espousing conservative values is common on our college campuses, in our cities, and our halls of Congress.

Fascism has indeed come to America and it is waving an Antifa flag, wears a Guy Fawkes mask with a Che Guevara T-shirt, votes unquestionably for Democrats and shouts down all opposition while plugging its own ears. The Nazi brown shirts would be proud.

It is the self-entitled and irrational child which shouts, “Believe me no matter what.”

We are now reaping the crop of impending national destruction that we ignorantly allowed to be planted among us.

Will it take drastic measures to bring us back from the edge of socialist tyranny? Is another civil war inevitable? I certainly hope not, for civil wars are a terrible thing, sweeping away much of the good with the bad.

When everyone gets a trophy, when all are victims, when feelings replace evidence, when logic gives way to emotion and when mob rule supersedes jurisprudence, this constitutional republic, this nation of laws, cannot stand much longer.

The question for constitutional patriots is, will we allow ourselves to be dragged into the nightmare of socialist tyranny, or will we stand and fight as free people have before us?

The one thing that gives me hope is the probable Red Wave coming in November. The Democrat Party greatly overplayed its hand in its attempt to smear a good man and destroy his reputation based on evidenceless accusations. The Democrats have awakened the constitution-loving conservative moral majority giant just before the mid-term elections.

Ty Welch

Oak Harbor

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