Letter: COER ‘snookers’ governor, ‘Sideshow Bob’ Ferguson


The state recently sued Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, the driver of 88 percent of Island County’s economy and 60 percent of the county jobs per 2005 state study, based on a rehashed, activist ploy that runs counter to facts. This continued political stunt, “Sue Donald Trump,” is designed to increase campaign cash and activist votes for both Inslee’s presidential run and Ferguson’s governorship run. A scheme that has earned the AG’s moniker, “Sideshow Bob,” from Seattle media outlets.

Let’s look at the facts. The state merely rehashed the same failed 2013 COER lawsuit claiming “health impacts” which was thrown out of federal court by Judge Zilly and never appealed. Now, COER has snookered the governor to continue this frivolous lawsuit — on the taxpayer’s dime.

The suit stands by a singular, flawed opinion: Washington Department of Health outlined how exposure to [aircraft] noise “could” cause negative health impacts, including sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment and cardiovascular disease.

However, DOH’s own published data shows Island County’s heart disease mortality rate improved 26 percent during the Growler ramp-up from 2008 to 2013 and Island County has the fifth best rate in the state. State testing data shows Coupeville Schools test scores are outstanding. Where is the “cognitive impairment?”

Any significant noise can impact sleep. Where is the lawsuit against SeaTac with over 20 times the flight volume of NAS Whidbey?

These are real facts that torpedoed the flawed 2013 COER lawsuit. Where are your facts Sideshow Bob? Did you even research this issue?

Based on the Section 106 debacle, the public record clearly shows collusion between state entities and “close NAS Whidbey” activist groups – including a personal, closed-door meeting between the Governor and COER leader. Can any opinion from a state entity be trusted? No.

But this is not about facts or doing what is right. This is about colluding and holding hands with a small activist group during a national press conference, continuing your “Sue Donald Trump” scheme to gain brownie points and cash for your current political power quest.

The public sees through this collusion scheme. The lawsuit is going nowhere and neither Inslee or Ferguson will gain the office, power, that they seek. The only result?

The Navy will think long and hard about basing any military unit in the state of Washington – a slippery slope that can lead to the Navy’s full departure, as with the San Francisco Bay area in the ’80s when a similar toxic political environment existed.

This political scheme merely puts critical Navy training and their working citizens futures at risk —- exactly what the retired activists want.

You got snookered, governor and Sideshow Bob, and have put your state at risk.

It is time for the silent majority to be silent no more.

Scream at your elected officials, particularly at the state level, fight for your Navy squadrons going in harms way for you, fight for your jobs, businesses and quality of life — now.

Scott Smith


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