Letter: Changes and rain showers didn’t dampen garage sale


Thank you, Coupeville. Change is often risky. But, apparently, not so with this year’s Coupeville Lions Club Garage Sale, held June 30 through July 1.

Neither the site switch to Coupeville Middle School, nor the ensuing rains, could stop our intrepid community bargain shoppers. For that, the Lions are very grateful.

And what’s not to like about shopping? The Garage Sale was definitely “retail therapy” to the max and provided a certain “high.” The great bargains donated all year were recycled to shoppers’ delight beginning with the 9 a.m. sound of the air horn.

This year’s fundraiser, with community donations, volunteers, school support and, of course, you shoppers, raised nearly $50,000. This will be reinvested in worthy Coupeville school, community and global causes.

That’s always a win-win for Coupeville, and some tired but “roaring” Lions Club and community volunteers.

We couldn’t have done this without such community support and appreciate everyone’s effort, which insured a successful 39th annual Garage Sale event.

We thank the Coupeville School District for the use of the school and for the high school sports teams that were so much help in setting up the event.

The 40th has some big shoes to fill, but the familiar Coupeville Elementary School site is up to the challenge, as well as some rested Lions and volunteers.

Doug Kroon,

president, Coupeville Lions Club

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