Letter: Can’t keep allowing immigrants to invade


We have a huge and growing problem at our southern border.

It is national suicide to try to save everyone in Third World countries by letting them all invade the United States and get free food, housing, health care and massive benefits at U.S. taxpayer expense.

America is our home and deserves protection from the disaster of worldwide over population and slum countries.

The new, liberal Mexican President Obrador calls on those from Latin American countries to migrate north to the U.S., declaring it a “human right.”

Democrats have never cared about the thousands of children being separated from criminal American parents being incarcerated, but care so much for Third World children illegally crossing the border that they take up the crusade, not only for political gain against the Trump administration, but see them as future Democrat voters.

Dishonest leftists are trying to hang those children that were caged under the Obama administration on President Trump saying he is heartless.

It is factually false and dishonest to blame Trump for the court rulings on family separations that have occurred, and as also was done under the Obama administration.

Hundreds of children have had to be taken away from adults who fraudulently claimed to be their parents.

Immigrants who cross the borders illegally figured out that, if they showed up with children, they could gain easier treatment than if they showed up alone.

No person has a right to cross our borders illegally and definitely should not be encouraged, as is being done by Democrats.

Once an illegal crosses, he or she put into the court system, given a hearing date, fails to show up, and disappears into our country to become a taxpayer burden.

They must not be allowed to enter at all.

To allow any to cross the border, at present, all but guarantees them entry to the United States, and to flee to a location anywhere they choose.

Consider this carefully when you vote. Do not support those that advocate open borders.

Ed Hickey,

Oak Harbor

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