Letter: Candidate appeared to break rule on uniforms


Having recognized another Armistice Day — Veterans’ Day — it is good to reflect on one of the most valuable tenants of our democracy: Our nation’s military forces always faithfully serve under the civilian leaders elected by our citizens regardless of political party.

While service persons are encouraged to exercise their civic responsibility by voting, it has always been forbidden for military members to participate in partisan political activities while wearing their uniforms.

It was therefore very disappointing to receive a last-minute slick and glossy general mailing campaign flyer from Scott McMullen prominently featuring a photograph of him wearing his U.S. Air Force uniform.

Indeed, I know the Army has regulations that strictly forbid active duty, reserve and retired soldiers from wearing the uniform in partisan political activities.

I fully expect the Air Force has equivalent regulations.

Whether Mr. McMullen’s violation of that long-standing prohibition was in ignorance or in blatant disregard, it is additional evidence of why the better qualified candidate prevailed in the election.

Vin Sherman


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