Letter: Americans come together to achieve a common goal


Thank you, Whidbey.

I am Charles Monahan, commander of the local Disabled American Veteran (DAV) Chapter 47.

I was lucky to be introduced to a fellow veteran by the name of Nick Ricci who had an idea for a fundraiser for the chapter. He and fellow veterans, Jim Heart from Guild, and Terry Boese, owner of The Wicked Teuton, molded this idea until its culmination on Friday, Jan. 18.

The center of all this was Nicks’ best friend Austin Rose, a premier tattoo artist from Ink Master, to volunteer his time and talent to the event. Other establishments came on board with over 30 door prizes.

The only cost to the public was taking a chance to win a session with Austin Rose. The beneficiary of all of this was my chapter. All the planning would have been a bust if not for all the folks from all over Whidbey and other places in Washington. We even had some people come up from Portland.

What does that show us? We Americans can all support a common goal. Thank you, one and all, for supporting the DAV in a spectacular fashion.

Charles “Muggs” Monahan, CDR DAV Ch. 47.

Oak Harbor

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