Letter: Alternative, safe vaccines withheld by ‘big pharma’


House Bill 1638 mandates the removal of “religious and personal exemptions allowed for Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccines.” Gov. Jay Inslee declared an emergency in marketing this bill.

The Opinion column by Keven Graves, executive editor and publisher of the Whidbey News-Times, and news article by Ashley Hiruko, of Sound Publishing, do not reflect awareness of the very real issue underlying an incredible rate of autistic disorder ballooning from one in 10,000 births to one in 40 births since 1979.

This statistically correlates with the introduction of vaccines manufactured from human fetal cells, i.e. aborted fetal tissue. This is verified by the research of Theresa Deisher, Ph.D., founder of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical.

She holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular physiology from Stanford University. She is acclaimed for her drug research demonstrating Beta blockade as a drug of choice for treating congestive heart failure. She developed the research firm of Sound Choice to encourage safe vaccines. Dr. Deisher scientifically demonstrated that “children are not born with autism, but is an acquired disease”

We need to understand how these vaccines are developed. Most practicing physicians, including myself, never ask how these vaccines were manufactured, specifically MMR, chickenpox, hepatitis A. and shingles. The value of vaccinating is not the issue. But, how these vaccines are developed changed in 1976 and is at the heart of the problem. The above vaccines are now developed from aborted fetal cell lines, most prominent among them being Merck Pharm, which dominates the market. There are safe vaccines, not developed from aborted fetal cell lines, available as developed from various species like duck eggs. I believe Merck has stockpiled such safe vaccines, but will not release them into the market place as competitive with their market share.

The autistic disorders that follow from such vaccinations come from aborted fetal cell lines, because the DNA of the fetal tissue is injected into the recipient of the vaccine. This is a foreign biologic DNA that infects the nucleus of the recipient’s cells hence we have created auto immune disorders and autistic outcomes.

Forcing families to inoculate their children against their wishes is an assault, especially knowing there are safe vaccine alternatives. Alternative safe vaccines can be found by going to Sound Choice’s web site. HB 1638 curiously uses the terms “religious and personal” as if such justification is insufficiently short of merit? There is strong statistical data to explain the serious outcomes for children and parents.

It is important to understand that in 1976 big pharma threatened to stop selling vaccines in America unless Congress gave them immunity from lawsuits. They won their claim. What is so important about 1976, 200 years into our democratic republic. That year, the swine flu epidemic occurred under President Ford’s watch and the whole country was vaccinated with 500 developing serious illness from the vaccine, e.g., Gillian Bare syndrome, a paralyzing side effect. I recall it professionally as people lined up for the vaccination and I kept asking, where is the epidemic? Wikipedia references swine flu coming from a few ill lab workers from Fort Dix, N.J.

Actually, one of five died after refusing hospitalization to complete a required physical running test. What it fails to tell you is that Fort Dix is a biologic weapons lab. In summary, stay alert, engaged and call your representatives.

Edward A. Drum

Oak Harbor

Editor’s Note: According to the Center for Disease Control, extensive research has shown absolutely no link between autism and vaccinations.

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