Letter: A place for free exchange of ideas, to provoke discussion


Evidently some folks don’t understand the the full use of the letters to the editor section of the newspaper, otherwise known as the Op/Ed page.

The Op/Ed page is the place where folks go to share their opinions on any given topic with the rest of us readers. They don’t even have to contain real facts — though, on occasion, they do. It’s just a forum to get us thinking about any given topic.

The “Ed” part of the Op/Ed page is where the editor gets to weigh in on any given topic. His letter to us, if you will.

There is nothing about the Op/Ed page that is required to be unbiased reporting. If that is what you are looking for, stick to the articles with bylines.

If, on the other hand, you are for freedom of speech and exchange of ideas, then accept the Op/Ed page for what it is. A place to do just that. And that includes the editor.

Kevin Wm. Meyer

Oak Harbor

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