Let’s not sacrifice island’s health for a quick buck


What on earth goes on in the heads of Oak Harbor leadership? Should our once celebrated unique rural character and small town friendliness be sacrificed on the alter of a goofy idea that we need to be as insane as the metropolitan mainland?

Do community leaders think that taxpayers’ pockets are there for quick buck development schemes? Only “yesterday” they wanted to tear out the baseball youth parks to build a Las Vegas type convention center. They spent thousands of your dollars just for a city logo convincing everyone to think metropolitan.

After multiple pollution warnings from the state, it was clear that a better sewage plant was needed. But do city residents need to be buying a Taj Mahal Palace just to satisfy certain peoples insatiable ambitions…complete with an aerial crane to advertise the foolishness?

Now a Mr. Scott Thompson, claiming to be an all-knowing developer filled with largesse for our island culture, wants to build 1,500 homes south of town in order to “meet community needs.” Who believes that for crying out loud? Mr. Thompson is wrong.

Does no one care that some 72 percent of county residents depend on the island’s ancient aquifer for clean, unpolluted, drinking water? Let’s not sacrifice that or them on someone’s quick-buck altar. Will we never learn?

Al Williams

Oak Harbor