Encouraged to see efforts to save pool


I would like to personally thank all the people who worked so hard to get the pool levy passed. It was a great and positive effort. The vote was 58.6 percent in favor showing a majority support and only 1.4 percent short of 60 percent required of the voters.

I am very encouraged and heartened at the article in Saturday’s Whidbey News-Times in which Mayor Bob Severns was asked for assistance in keeping our community pool open and he stated the city is open to discussing future partnerships and plans. I speak for our senior citizen community, some of whom can only obtain the health benefits that gentle water exercise in the pool can offer, and I am encouraging Mayor Severns to make this a priority on his agenda.

I would like to make it clear that the senior citizens of our community were not only thinking of ourselves during this campaign. The pool has been a benefit to all ages including our children and grandchildren since opening its doors in 1983: children learning to swim, children’s swim teams, numerous benefits to infants being introduced to the water at a very early age as well adult exercise programs and lap swimming. The enjoyment of family swim time is an added bonus. Our town needs this type of exercise and recreational facility. I would also like to encourage city council members as well as county commissioners to get involved and assist in the project. The majority of the people want our community pool. I am also encouraged by the newly elected pool commissioners. I truly feel their hearts are in the right place to make a difference.

Kris O’Connor

Oak Harbor

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