Dreamers need to grow up, pay taxes


In response to Jerry Case’s Feb. 24 letter, yes these “dreamers” were brought to the United States when they were just children, by their parents. Time has passed since that date of entry. They are no longer “children” in diapers. It is time for them to accept responsibility for their own lives. Stop having a free ride at the expense of the tax-paying Americans. Become a tax-paying American. It can be done.

My wife is foreign born, like those “dreamers,” but she followed the rules of entry. When she reached that magic date where she could apply for citizenship she put in her papers.

In time she appeared in Federal Court in Klamath Falls, Ore., and took her oath of allegiance and walked out of that courthouse as an American citizen. She has fulfilled all of her obligations as a citizen since that date, by working, voting and paying her fair share.

On Feb. 19, she signed her 2017 tax papers and had them sent off to the IRS, like all American citizens are required. Paying her fair share, not living off the efforts of others.

Welcome to the US of A, but follow the laws and pay your fair share. I do not feel I should help support you. I looked over the 2017 tax forms and could find no place to check off showing help to support you.

I looked over the 2017 tax forms and could find no place to check off showing support for an illegal immigrant or “dreamer.” They collect but I get no tax credit.

Robert Brown

Oak Harbor

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