Democrats are not reacting with ‘mindless hate’

Dems not reacting with ‘mindless hate’


In response to “Trump speaks truth, not racism,” the Democrats didn’t reach “into their hat of political tricks,” and “pull out the race card.” They simply looked around and saw the inequities in America, and the barely hidden animosity towards foreigners.

The inference that people escaping from “a crappy socialist utopia” will turn America into a “crappy place” if “the Democrat party has its way,” and “…they [Democrats] need more voters… And what better place to get them from [than] crappy socialist hell holes where the downtrodden imports will vote straight Democrat party tickets in exchange for big government handouts for the next generation or two,” reeks of xenophobia.

According to American Community Survey (ACS) data, 13.5 percent of the total U.S. population in 2015 were immigrants. The largest grouping of immigrants came from India, followed by China, Mexico, the Philippines and Canada.

Many of these immigrants from India, China, Canada, Brazil and other developed countries, work in high technology, health care, and the sciences where they provide dramatically more value — innovation, thought leadership, tax contributions — than they take.

In the same vein, low-skilled immigrants from “crappy socialist hell holes” not only take the jobs that many Americans are unwilling to do — pick crops, child care, cleaning services, gardening, heavy labor, etc. — but the second generation of immigrants with improved education and taxpaying ability contribute $30 billion a year in taxes. According to a report by the National Academy of Sciences, by the third generation, immigrant families contribute about $223 billion a year to government finances.

The Democrats aren’t reacting with “mindless hate” when it comes to saving DACA, criticizing the building of a wall, fighting for the Affordable Care Act, and yes, speaking out against racism. They’re working to improve the lives of all Americans, and they recognize what made America great is the diversity of people who have arrived legally, and illegally, and through determination made extraordinary contributions in all industries and walks of life.

Julie Lary


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