Applaud our reps for tax plan votes


I find that I cannot let pass the counter-factual letter which appeared in the Jan. 2 Whidbey News-Times. Among other things, it incorrectly attacks both Washington state senators and our local congressional representative.

First, I would call attention to the “tax cut” bill, which both of the Washington state senators and our congressional representative voted against, as I believe they properly did. The bill really only cuts taxes for corporations and very wealthy citizens.

It does little for the middle class populace though it claims to be a “jobs” act. In addition, it adds between one and two trillion dollars to the national debt, a debt against which the Republican party itself has railed for decades.

It appears that part two of the plan will be to require reduction of the “manufactured debt” through cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

In an effort to obscure the longterm effects of the bill, it is front loaded as far as any small benefits to the middle class are concerned. Also, it makes likely that health insurance premiums will increase and that fewer citizens will be covered by the Affordable Care Act because of the elimination of supporting mandate requirements.

Though the mandate was painful, it served to ensure a proper insurance pool across the populace much as does a similar requirement for automobile insurance.

No input or amendment to the bill was allowed by the majority party, many of whose members had not even read the bill before it was brought to a vote.

Even though ineffectual due to the majority party constraints, I applaud the votes of Congressman Rick Larsen, Sen. Patty Murray and Sen. Maria Cantwell.

Prior trials of similar corporate tax reduction, by the way, have shown little or no effect upon job numbers. What happens, instead, is increased return to shareholders or stock buybacks.

Jerry Case


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