Island County seeking input through online survey

Island County officials want to know what you think would make Whidbey and Camano Islands a healthier place.

For the first time, Island County Public Health is conducting a county-wide survey to see what residents think are important health issues.

The survey is available online until Sept. 13 at at You also may take the survey over the phone or request a paper copy by calling 360-678-7939.

The survey is part of a much larger health assessment completed every three to five years by the county.

The results are distributed widely to agencies, leaders and community groups, who make decisions about health, said Laura Luginbill, Assessment and Healthy Communities director for Island County Public Health.

The survey is anonymous and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Since it is not a random study, the county doesn’t make assumptions about the county as a whole based on the results. It’s meant to be an investigative tool that gives officials a snapshot of what residents think, she said.

Luginbill said she hopes at least 1,000 people respond.

The survey is available in English as well as Spanish and Tagalog.