Coach starts sensitive business in ‘conservative’ Oak Harbor community | Business

Morgan Demouchet is an Oak Harbor entrepreneur with an unusual specialty: she’s a sex coach.

The native Californian is quick to say what her one-person company, called ASEC LLC, won’t do: have sex with clients or their partners, offer any type of psychotherapy, bring toys to your home or spend more than a month or two working with a client.

What she will do is have deep conversations with women and men about their sexuality, take them shopping for intimacy products and clothes and encourage them to discover or rediscover their libido.

“My passion is sex, sensuality and sexuality,” said Demouchet, 30.

“I give you tools to help you fix your own problems.

It always starts with simple conversation and goes from there.”

She has earned a master’s degree in human services and has attended conferences of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, but she isn’t a licensed therapist — a point she said she makes clear upon meeting each new client.

“If there’s post-traumatic stress disorder or domestic violence in someone’s background, that might require therapy, I usually eliminate myself at the very beginning,” she said.

But, she said, “let’s say a woman is going through a divorce and isn’t feeling sexually attractive. That’s something I can help with. We can role-play dating. We can talk about what you like and don’t like and why.”

“I’m basically your best friend for hire who’s not ashamed to talk about sex in detail.”

She’ll also take on tougher problems, like a husband who’s lost sensation from the waist down, and options the couple can consider.

Most clients can be helped in three one-hour sessions, costing $115 each, Demouchet said. Sessions are offered in office space in Oak Harbor or Bellingham.

Out-of-office sessions, mostly to go shopping, cost $300 an hour.

Demouchet had clients in Long Beach, Calif., where she moved from with her mom about three years ago. And she has some in Bellingham. But Oak Harbor has proved a tough place to make a living as a sex coach, she said. So she’s working a day job as a case manager for a community mental health center.

Oak Harbor’s Chamber of Commerce found “a little bold” her former slogan, “Sex is fun. Stop making it difficult.” She’s reworking her marketing materials and her website, while continuing to rely mainly on word of mouth to get new clients.

There’s certainly plenty of business to be had in Oak Harbor, she said.

“I’ve found that military wives face a lot of sexual frustration when their men leave on deployment,” she said.

Rather than having affairs, she said, “I encourage them to engage in alternative pleasures they can enjoy on their own.”

Those could also include non-sexual undertakings like a part-time job, an art project or taking a class, she said.

Oak Harbor “is a very conservative community, but I will try and try here until I can’t try anymore,” she said.

“I’ll give it at least six months. Then I’ll relocate.”

A woman who asked to be identified only as “A”, of Maple Falls, Wash., said she’s received advice of a sexual nature from Morgan. “She boosted my confidence in the outside world and in the bedroom.”

“She helped me spice things up with my husband of 18 months, “A” said. “Her offices are really professional. I have recommended her to other people.”