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Former port director seeking $120,000 for wrongful termination

Citing a state whistleblower law, a former executive director of the Port…

  • Feb 7th, 2017 2:46pm

Town takes hard stance against increased OLF flight operations

Safety, lack of resources and impacts to economy and way of life…

  • Feb 3rd, 2017 3:52pm

Town looking to hire building inspector

Town of Coupeville is looking to hire a part-time building inspector and…

  • Jan 31st, 2017 2:49pm

Deputy honored for saving a life

Recently departed Coupeville deputy Bo Miller was honored Tuesday evening for actions…

  • Jan 27th, 2017 3:53pm

Town’s annual Spring Clean Up Day changing day and location

Coupeville’s Spring Clean Up Day will get a new day and location…

  • Jan 27th, 2017 3:53pm

Town to hold EIS workshop Tuesday

Coupeville Town Council will hold a special workshop to discuss the town’s…

  • Jan 27th, 2017 3:54pm

Friends of Greenbank Farm gaining momentum

Community members who love the Greenbank Farm are taking formal steps to…

  • Jan 25th, 2017 2:17pm

Appraiser may determine fair rents at Greenbank Farm

Deciding fair market value for tenant rents at the Greenbank Farm may…

  • Jan 20th, 2017 3:24pm

Town of Coupeville to refund nearly $70,000 in impact fees

Town of Coupeville is preparing to return nearly $70,000 in park impact…

  • Jan 20th, 2017 3:25pm

Port seeking firm to draft comp plan

Port of Coupeville is looking to hire a professional consultant to prepare…

  • Jan 20th, 2017 3:57pm


How do you feel about Obamacare?

  • Jan 9th, 2017 3:54pm

Holiday House still in need of donations

Volunteers were hard at work this week decorating and organizing Santa’s bounty…

  • Dec 16th, 2016 3:31pm

Letter: Losing with the most votes isn’t a Democratic system

Editor, The big flaw in Harry S. Hansen’s comparison of the electoral…

  • Dec 16th, 2016 3:31pm

Town budget reflects staffing, salary increases

Town of Coupeville will enter the coming year with a $4.46 million…

  • Dec 13th, 2016 5:54pm

Festival association awards $31K in community grants

The Coupeville Festival Association awarded more than $31,000 in community grants last…

  • Dec 13th, 2016 5:53pm

Soaring through fall

By Megan Hansen

  • Nov 11th, 2016 5:08pm

Port commission violated OPMA, employees say

Port employees say commissioners met outside of a public meeting for nearly two hours last week.

  • Nov 2nd, 2016 1:30am

Coupeville considers utility rate hike

Coupeville Town Council is anticipated next week to approve new utility rates that will increase the average homeowner’s bill by $42.

  • Sep 23rd, 2016 10:37pm

Coupeville council says Navy’s jet noise impact area too small

Coupeville Town Council members assert that the Navy should consider areas near the Central Whidbey touch-and-go field as “directly impacted” by jet noise. After initially withholding comment, the town council last month responded to the Navy’s request for input on how jet noise at OLF Coupeville affects historic properties. The Navy made the request as part of the Environmental Impact Statement study which is required with the switch to EA-18G Growler jets.

  • Sep 13th, 2016 4:51pm

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Program ensures students get three squares

Aaron Syring said he first learned several years ago during a parent-teacher conference that child hunger was an increasing problem in Oak Harbor That realization led to the creation of a program in Oak Harbor that was already up and running in other communities.

  • Sep 9th, 2016 9:46pm

Attendance steady, sales strong at annual festival

Under sunny skies and despite an abundance of events on Whidbey over the weekend, attendance was strong for this year’s Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival.

  • Aug 16th, 2016 9:15pm

A&C Fest gives back to the community

Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival organizers are finalizing last-minute details before one of Whidbey Island’s largest events of the year gets underway Friday.

  • Aug 9th, 2016 10:40pm

Lavender Wind Festival will go on despite loss of some 2,000 plants

The pretty purple fields at Lavender Wind Farm off West Beach are a far cry from last year’s “bumper” crop.

  • Jul 26th, 2016 10:28pm

Free car charging station to open at Greenbank Farm

Pretty soon electric cars will have a free charging station in Central Whidbey.

  • Jun 17th, 2016 8:41pm

Coupeville Town Council considers first utility rate hike in 14 years

Members of the Coupeville Town Council got their first look at proposed utility rate increases during a special workshop and some council members were concerned the rate hikes might not be high enough.

  • Jun 14th, 2016 9:00pm

On the waterfront: Annual festival is steeped in tradition

Penn Cove Water Festival kicks off its 25th year today in downtown Coupeville.

  • May 13th, 2016 9:20pm

Weekend MusselFest all about ‘more, more, more’

This weekend’s Penn Cove MusselFest is about extra everything. Expect extra tour boats, extra shuttles, extra bathrooms, extra music and, most importantly, extra chowder tasting tickets.

  • Mar 12th, 2016 1:00pm

New A&C Fest guidelines irk some Coupeville merchants

Some downtown Coupeville merchants aren’t happy about new rules imposed for the Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival that they say could hurt business.

  • Mar 11th, 2016 11:39pm

Port identifies structural issues with Coupeville Wharf

An inspection of the Coupeville Wharf shows part of the structure has settled about 2 inches because of rotting piling caps.

  • Jan 28th, 2016 7:04pm

Five-car accident kills Oak Harbor man Tuesday

An 82-year-old Oak Harbor man died Tuesday morning in a five-car accident north of Dugualla Bay.

  • Dec 23rd, 2015 9:06pm

Oak Harbor man dies in five car accident Tuesday | UPDATED

An 82-year-old Oak Harbor man died Tuesday morning in a five car accident north of Dugualla Bay. The accident sent three people to area hospitals and shut down Highway 20 near Jones Road for several hours while police investigated.

  • Dec 23rd, 2015 1:38am

Holiday House in need of additional gifts for teenagers

Santa’s satellite workshop in Oak Harbor may be a little light on gifts for some boys and girls this holiday season.

  • Dec 15th, 2015 10:28pm

Coupeville Festival Association awards $28K in community grants

The Coupeville Festival Association gave out more than $28,000 in community grants Monday night that help support the artistic and historic culture of Central Whidbey.

  • Dec 11th, 2015 10:44pm

Retired teacher shares love of trains

There’s always something new to see during Coupeville resident Jack Tingstad’s annual model railroad open house.

  • Nov 25th, 2015 9:52pm

Winds whip Whidbey but damage is minimal

Tony Popp, a public affairs officer for Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, reported that maximum winds were recorded at 57 mph at 2:02 p.m. and the fastest sustained two-minute winds were recorded at 45 mph at 2:12 p.m. North Whidbey Fire and Rescue had a few more calls than Oak Harbor.

  • Nov 13th, 2015 11:31pm

Frontier finalizes deal to open store in Coupeville

Representatives with Frontier Building Supply confirmed Friday the business will be opening a Coupeville location.

  • Oct 2nd, 2015 11:01pm

Haunting events start today in Coupeville

Ghosts and goblins will be sneaking out of the dark recesses of Coupeville as the Haunting of Coupeville starts Saturday, offering a month of hauntingly fun activities.

  • Oct 2nd, 2015 10:42pm

Port establishes Greenbank Farm lease negotiation terms

The Port of Coupeville held a special meeting Friday after learning previous action taken in regard to tenant leases at Greenbank Farm was not legal.

  • Oct 2nd, 2015 10:40pm

New Whidbey Animals’ Improvement Foundation shelter offers more space; grand opening Sunday

In the process of moving into a new 12,544-square-foot shelter, administrators for Whidbey Animal Improvement Foundation have barely time enough to catch their breath.

  • Sep 5th, 2015 12:41am

Longtime Whidbey General Hospital spokeswoman leaves, backs Gardner campaign

After 20 years with Whidbey General Hospital, spokeswoman Trish Rose has left her position to work for Naval Hospital Oak Harbor.

  • Aug 25th, 2015 11:12pm